Combining art, science, and community to build the foundations of your story with honesty and empathy.

We will explore easy-to-implement solutions for your online presence by weaving art, motion, and interaction. Your story can be told in diverse, intersectional ways that grab the audience's attention, focusing on impact, clarity and honesty. I'm here to support you through the technical aspects of building digital assets in motion and web design.

Web Design

Are you building a brand, service, or idea and looking for a dynamic way to connect with your audience? Let's apply a stellar narrative with engaging interaction to give you an experience that drives home your goals.

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Motion Design

Do you need an animation to explain an idea, show off a product, or share vital information? Let's use the flexibility of 3D and 2D motion design paired with honest storytelling to give your project the attention it deserves.  

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Interactive art

These are digital pieces made out of audacity. Here is where I combine +10 years of exploring art through a digital lens culminating into a non-linear adventure in the worlds of interactive design with web-based design platforms.

Adventure Time

What to expect with Web Design

Personalized Design

Build an engaging online experience that aligns with your values to share your story. You can craft a website you will be remembered with a customized design and a content management system to fit your specific needs.

Mobile Optimized

Ensure that your site can be viewed easily no matter the audience. We will build a custom design that fits every screen to improve the user experience.

Interactive Animations

Engage your audience with dynamic content that builds interest. We will explore creative ways for users to dig deeper into your offerings and interact with the site that has them craving more.  

Fargo Brewing Company

After exciting new updates to their taproom and event center, Fargo Brewing was looking for a redesign on their site that reflected their new offerings as an event venue, and simplified their CMS to accommodate their staff's busy schedules.

Total Visitors

44.78% Bounce

Unique Visitors


+29% yr/yr

-10% yr/yr

+19% yr/yr

+8% yr/yr

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Drone Imagery Northwest

A veteran surveyor in the Pacific Northwest was interested in expanding his service lines from construction surveying to include photogrammetry and aerial imagery. They needed a site that displayed their services and gave a bit of love to their home town in Washington state.

Total Visitors

33.33% Bounce Rate

Unique Visitors


+5% yr/yr

-6% yr/yr

+4% yr/yr

+5.2% yr/yr

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Looking for Motion Design?

From stylized explainers to photorealistic product renders, 3D animations have taken the motion design world and given it new tools to demonstrate great narratives, engaging explanations, and repeatable results.

Whether you need lower thirds, kinetic text overlays, or animated maps and infographics, motion design builds and supplements your story in ways that are honest and engaging.

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What to expect with Motion Design

3D Product Renders

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is one of the most efficient ways to showcase your product in an engaging way. The versatility of 3D workspaces allows you to iterate on concepts quickly, and keep an archive of past projects that are easily accessible.

Animated Maps
and Infographics

Sense of place and scope are two of the most engaging ways to demonstrate data. In a the limitless world of motion design, you can design your story with clarity and integrity that provides your audience with the understanding that still graphics doon't.

Web Interactions
and UI Elements

The creative space in web development is expanding. More than ever new tools are available to create dynamic interactions that give your web pages and forms a more cohesive feel and encourage users to dive deeper into the story you created.

Demo Reel

Some of the great teams I have worked with...

Sean Kelly

Independent Media Consultant

Among the many attributes Lee brings to the table, his ability to see the big picture while remaining focused on details can not be overstated. Lee is a craftsman when working on animation and graphic design, but he never forgets that the end game is producing work that delivers on the client's message. That pairing of passion with purpose is one way in which Lee elevates the value he brings to his clients.

Brianne Hoffman

Strategic Communications Manager

I have worked with Lee Smalt over the past couple of years. From employee engagement projects to introducing new technology or recognition efforts, Lee worked with key stakeholders to identify deliverables, common purpose and an understanding of the media resources needed to achieve the desired outcomes. He is a great listener, always seeking to understand with positive intent and focused on solutions."

Daniel Yates

Founder- Blue Collar Brands

"Lee is passionate about his work. Highly skilled in marketing (internal & external), video, graphic design, you name it. Pair his unique skill set with his ability to solve problems quickly and you will be highly impressed. He has been nothing but professional, personable, and hospitable and I am blown away by the help he has provided me."

Derek Fletcher


Lee loves to understand the how, what, and why to whatever project he’s tackling. His willingness to learn new programs like Blender amd Unreal and his studious approach to new technologies is what makes him someone I can rely on for any question I have. Keep being an innovator/pioneer in design/3D animation/creativity!

Motion Design

Need an animated product render, map, or explainer? I'm here to create something amazing with you.

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Starting at:
USD $500 a day

Web Design

Looking for an engaging website to tell your story? Let's create a design you are proud to share.

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Starting at:
USD $6000

Web & Motion Design

Want an engaging website with incredible interactions? Let's talk about getting you the full package.

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Starting Day Rate:
USD $7000